Jiajun Lu ( 吕家俊 )

Jiajun Lu 

Visiting Researcher, Stanford University; Last year PhD student at Computer Science, UIUC

I am trying to be a full stack researcher and engineer who works on mostly needed projects.

My current main research areas include: Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Interaction Techniques

Email: ljj3423 at gmail dot com, jiajunlu at cs dot stanford dot edu, jlu23 at illinois dot edu

More information in Curriculum Vitae (Resume).

Actually, "吕" is spelled as "Lv" in Chinese, as "Lu" on passport years before, but now as "Lyu". It's terribly troublesome.

My fiancée is a computer scientist who also works on computer graphics and vision: Gahye Park.

Mesh Segmentation

The followings are the mesh segmentation results from my work of semi-supervised mesh co-segmentation and labeling:


L1 Sparse Reconstruction

The followings are the L1 sparse reconstruction results, first the input points with noise, then the output points denoised(to make the results more clear, the points are constructed to meshes):