• Stanford University, Stanford, CA

    May 2017 -- Now

    Mentor: Maneesh Agrawala

    Major Work: Deep learning based video search and synthesize.

  • Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA

    May 2016 -- August 2016

    Mentor: Andy Wilson, and works closely with Hrvoje Benko

    Major Work: Hybrid HFR Depth: Fusing Depth and Color Cameras for High Speed, Low Latency Depth Camera Interactions.

  • Adobe Research, San Jose, CA

    May 2015 -- August 2015

    Mentor: Kalyan Sunkavalli, Sunil Hadap, Nathan Carr

    Major Work: Human 3D face reconstruction from single image.

  • Computer Science Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Aug 2013 -- Present

    Mentor: David Forsyth

    Major Work: 3D Reconstruction, Depth Sensor, Recognition from Depth

  • Nokia Here Research, Chicago, IL

    May 2014 -- August 2014

    Mentor: Matei Stroila

    Major Work: 3D Building Reconstruction from Radar Data from Street Vehicle

  • CAD & CG State Key Lab, Zhejiang University

    Sep 2010 -- July 2013

    Mentor: Jin Huang, Hujun Bao

    Major Work: Shape Synthesis, Mesh Segmentation, Point Cloud Reconstruction, Kinect Related and so on.

  • Computer Science Department, University of California, Los Angles

    June 2012 -- Sep 2012

    Mentor: Wesley W. Chu

    Major Work: PhenoWiki Plus System

  • Software Analytics Group, Microsoft Research Asia

    Sep 2012 -- May 2013

    Mentor: Qinwei Lin, Jianguang Lou

    Major Work: Online System Performance Diagnosis