PhenoWiki+: PhenoMining Based Wiki for CNP

Authors: Jiajun Lu 1,2, Chen Liu 1, Wesley W. Chu 1, Fred Sabb 3, Stott Parker 1

1. Computer Science Department, University of California, Los Angeles

2. Computer Science Department, Zhejiang University

3. Sciences and the Semel Institute, University of California, Los Angeles


With the rapid advance of research in neuroscience research, vast amount of published literature and experimental data, and user annotation data are available for researchers. One of the challenges is to summarize and readily access the huge amount of knowledge and distill useful information from this knowledge source.

PhenoWiki ( is the first attempt of building an information system for neuroscientific research, which provides a well-defined scheme for users to record and organize the experimental results from literature and provide search facility to retrieve the desired data. However, PhenoWiki has many shortcomings: The system requires manual work from researchers to distill information from the literature and populate it to the data store and thus is not scalable; the relational data model unable to represent the complex relationship among the data and knowledge and link with different knowledge sources; the system does not support annotation; and the query interface unable to support multi-concept query and search for literature content.

With the advances in the data mining and data/knowledge base modeling in computer science, we applied these new techniques and developed the PhenoWiki Plus system ( to remedy these short comings. More specifically, we use the resource description framework (RDF) as data store, integrating data mining tools to extract relevant data from literature, and develop a rich set of user interface to support the user access needs.


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We like to thank Prof. Carrie Bearden and her graduate students Rachel Jones and Caroline Montojo for their valuable feedback on the PhenoMining and PhenoWiki+.


Please send email to us if you have any questions.