Projects Beside Publication

  • Google Project Soli

    Dec 2014 -- Dec 2016

    Design the machine learning algorithm to do gesture recognition.

  • XHey Technology

    Jan 2015 -- July 2015

    Co-founder and CTO. Our company worked on a dating Android and iOS App: Double Date. I managed a group of software engineers to develop the apps from scratch, which can support heavy usage of millions of users. Later, our company mainly focused on video based social network app, with lots of advanced video understanding, editing and synthesizing features.

  • Insects Stereo Reconstruction

    August 2013 -- August 2014

    Combine graphics and vision knowledge to reconstruct 3D models of various insects using photos from multiple angles.

  • PhenoWikiPlus System

    July 2012 -- September 2012

    Brief Summary: Working on the PhenoWikiPlus System designed for building the neuroscience knowledge base and search engine.

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  • Point Cloud Reconstruction

    Aug 2011 -- Jan 2012

    Brief Summary: Working on reconstructing 3D mesh module from point cloud. Quickly learned and realized several ACM SIGRAPH papers and proposed a new algorithm for 3D mesh feature extraction, which achieves a significant improvement.

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  • Cloud Service Platform

    Feb 2011 -- Jun 2011

    Brief Summary: Worked on setting up the Cloud Service Platform for the CAD & CG Lab, responsible for the client part. The platform provides service based on the achievements of the lab through web and gmail.

  • Kinect Drive 3D Module

    Oct 2011 -- Jan 2012

    Brief Summary: Working on using Kinect to drive 3D mesh modules, team leader of 3. Put forward the implementation method and realized the core algorithm.

  • Sparse Matrix Calculator

    Sep 2010 -- Dec 2010

    Brief Summary: Worked on building sparse matrix calculate library. Designed the data structure and algorithm especially for sparse matrix and realized it independently.

  • Mini Database Server

    Sep 2011-- Nov 2011

    Brief Summary: Worked on designing and building the database server. Designed the framework, realized the kernel part and composed the system.

  • Image Search

    May 2011-- May 2012

    Brief Summary: Worked on image retrieval based on SIFT Descriptors and LSH Index, SRTP program of Zhejiang University. Responsible for the clustering part and database part.